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Poems with River Jones. Woodblock illustrations by Rebecca Tann of Twenty One Crows.  Cover image by Laura Joy. £7.5o







heart fires                                                               - jh



I never hoped I’d find myself

beneath these oaks again

amid this place that’s lost to waking eyes.

Tonight the spirit’s strong in us

and though we know they’re coming

it’s beautiful the way we’re gathered here.


The lower mast is bronzing

by the castings of our fire

the flare of it is sounding out the deep

above our heads; these skyward caves

lit up, outlined,

bright moment by bright moment.


These flames are hammer tongued

and warm our hearts. We cast

ourselves around and clasp this ring

with melded hands.  We’ve grown

so many round this light

one fire alone cannot contain

the swelling of our song.


A second fire; a second throng

and here’s two wheels

spun thick and strong and spinning

back on back; all kindred full,

all kindled recognition.


I see you in the midst of it,

drawn onwards in the curve of it

while looking out towards me, looking back.

I see myself within your eyes;

We know each other here.

I see the fire and do not know

Which one of us is which.


These locks of understanding bind us close,

reflections of each other in each other.

This old night the spirit’s strong in us

and though they’re never far away

it’s beautiful the way we’re gathered here.


There’s rings of limb-rimmed brightness

all about these woods tonight.

I see our lights spark up and catch

and hold this memory tight.


There’s rings rung round with brightness

all about this flowering wood.

I see these lights begin to bloom

and cast this image wide.






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